Vaccinated By Maya Against Krsna Consciousness

Manidhara Das
29 Dec 2021


As demonstrated by the present unconditional acceptance of the vaccination campaign some of our leaders and devotees join in, it can be said with great certainty that the blind faith towards the science propagated in this way is totally opposed to the spirit of Srila Prabhupada.

Srila Prabhupada was the most skeptical patient and entirely averse to accept any medical treatment blindly.


As He writes to Govinda dasi on 12th of February 1972:

„Doctors give medicine and they speak surety, but there is no surety and where there is no surety why should we break our basic four principles? I don't think there is guarantee of surety by taking this medicine with animal products. But if there is surety you can take. But it is very doubtful. When I shall come I shall see what is wrong.“


How much we would need Srila Prabhupada´s direct advise today, when many of our leaders are advising or even ordering us to follow blindly an advise they accepted blindly from so called experts. It is truly a choice of faith we are ready to invest, as the propagator of the vaccines knows nothing, the one who applies the vaccine knows nothing, and the critic of the vaccine knows also nothing.

Here we are, recommended or even forced to accept whatever the scientists have to offer blindly. Srila Prabhupada would surely at least leave space for some doubt.

Are the vaccines partially produced by usage of human embryos? Are they breaking down the immune system instead of invigorating it? We don´t know and we have no means to verify such informations.
But one thing we can see and we can know. The vaccines DON´T protect anybody as admitted even by the very same medical industrialists who produce them. They are at best in experimental stage where the final result can be only seen over a long period of time. Time we don´t have as people are already dying.


If we tell people that by chanting of the Holy Name they become happy, they want to see instant proof. But when a so-called „expert“ or „scientist“ comes up with a syringe, ready to inject a totally unknown chemical into our bodies, millions are lining up to get such treatment in a blind belief to be saved from a disease they never had and never will see.

To be sure that we get fooled, we are supposed to believe that we are infected by a disease which doesn´t have to have any symptoms and treated by medicine which doesn´t help. All this MUST be believed and MUST be done, and the foolish ones blindly repeat and do what they heard.


Personally, I joined this movement because of this exclusive reason: I didn´t trust ANYBODY.  I didn´t believe one word I couldn´t verify. I wasn´t alone, we were a whole generation of skeptics, opposing to be put into any box made ready for us by the present establishment. Prior to meeting Srila Prabhupada, my heroes were those who opposed any given main stream dogma, going all the way to Bernard Shaw, devout vegetarian, who said many years before Srila Prabhupada arrived on the scene: „I don´t believe in God who cannot answer my questions.“ Then came Srila Prabhupada and answered ALL our questions and we became firm believers in the words spoken by the Supreme Lord.

That we are here manipulated into a false schemes, is obvious and recognized by many people. One doesn´t have to be a devotee to see that some sinister game is played here by the ruling class of men. Personally, last year I didn´t meet one person who believes what is dictated by the political leaders or stated in the official media… except some of our ISKCON leaders. It is a bizarre feeling to see those who claim to be absolutely dedicated to Srila Prabhupada´s movement, to be even better karmis than the karmis themselves.
We cannot prove that ANYBODY was saved from disease by dint of vaccination. Are people dying more from the instant effects of vaccination than from the „dangerous disease“ itself?

For further information one may hear Srila Prabhupada speaking boldly on His morning walks:
Mayapur April 4th, 1975: „… what does it matter to die 20 years earlier?“
L.A. Dec 3rd, 1973: „.. If scientist offer chemical to avoid disease, that they cannot.“
San Francisco, July 16th, 1975: „.. .Infection versus strong immunity“
L.A. Dec 14th, 1973: „.. Demons are killing population by creating disease and abortion.“
Hyderabad talk, April 4th, 1975: „...Vaccination and ´medical help´ will create only worse problem.“

And lectures,

NOD lecture, 9.11.1972: „.. sannyasis opening hospitals means they are fallen.“


L.A. lecture Feb 9th, 1969: „.. Krsna is our ONLY protection.“