Srila Prabhupada’s audio dictionary

Manidhara Das
21 Mar 2018

As I spent some periods of my life listening continuously to Srila Prabhupada’s lectures, here is my personal “audio dictionary“, points being made by Srila Prabhupada which specially caught my attention. Of course, Srila Prabhupada made often various points in one lecture and so listening to His lectures and conversations is an ongoing source of revelations each listener can experience by listening again and again.

Even the points Srila Prabhupada is making may seem to be somewhat repetitive, it’s the way He is presenting them which is always new and fresh to those who are eager to listen. As the lectures are available freely in form of His audio library, anybody can listen to His Divine Grace any time as He travels from one location to another.

To listen to Srila Prabhupada’s audio recording also includes the same purifying effect as to read His books. The voice of a pure devotee, vibrating with love of Godhead, purifies the heart of the listener, even when not properly understood. It is for this reason Srila Prabhupada’s disciples used to sit in His lectures being delivered in Hindi; even they couldn’t understand one word.

Of course, listening and understanding is the best, but the vibration emanating from the lotus mouth of a pure devotee is purifying the listener one way or another.


Date Place Theme
2.3.1966 New York How to accept a spiritual master, women hair, dots and lines, the need to recognize suffering
1.8.1966 New York Become a spiritual master!
4.9.1966 New York Don’t compromise, speak “cutting words of Truth”
8.9.1966 New York Definition of mahamantra and avatar
14.9.1966 New York Tolerance in marriage, one of the rules in spiritual life
9.10.1966 New York Four classes of men approaching Krsna defined
4.11.1966 New York Govardhana Puja celebration
24.11.1966 New York The Saksi Gopal story
25.11.1966 New York Two kinds of maya
26.11.1966 New York Attacking demoniac parents
16.12.1966 New York Distribute prasadam!
16.12.1966 New York Krsna’s incarnations
19.12.1966 New York Good and bad and no karma
21.12.1966 New York Just by thinking and desiring how to serve Krsna you are already liberated
22.12.1966 New York One must be pessimistic about the material world
26.12.1966 New York Sadhu doesn’t canvas for himself
26.12.1966 New York We are all crazy!
31.12.1966 New York Jesus, Mohamed are Saktyaves Avataras
5.4.1967 San Francisco An outline for a play about Lord Caitanya
9.3.1968 San Francisco How one is joining Krsna Consciousness
9.3.1968 San Francisco Different stages of development in Krsna Consciousness
23.3.1968 San Francisco How one should chant, crying for help
11.6.1968 Montreal How we are not this body
11.6.1968 Montreal No unity and love while maintaining selfish consciousness
11.6.1968 Montreal Ideal school program
23.6.1968 Montreal Varnasrama organization and yoga and yoga today most difficult, therefore: chant!
23.6.1968 Montreal The individuality of the soul being used and… misused.
12.7.1968 Montreal We must preach!
25.9.1968 Seattle Relationship between guru and disciple. Both must be qualified. No premature initiations!
2.10.1968 Seattle Comparative study between Krsna Consciousness, Bible and Koran.
7.10.1968 Seattle Women are always dependant.
14.10.1968 Seattle Different traps of maya
21.10.1968 Stockholm Remembering taking sannyas from Kesava maharaja
18.11.1968 Los Angeles How to preach even without book knowledge
1.12.1968 Los Angeles Initiation, explaining the purification mantras 10 offences explained
9.12.1968 Los Angeles How Srila Prabhupada received instruction from his spiritual master
13.11.1968 Los Angeles Basis of this world
15.11.1968 Los Angeles Grha means limited by certain boundaries
23.11.1968 Los Angeles You have to remember what you forgot.
23.11.1968 Los Angeles Krsna will test His devotee, don’t be surprised.
29.11.1968 Los Angeles Action in detachment
29.11.1968 Los Angeles If you are really engaged in devotional service, you MUST be happy!
1.12.1968 Los Angeles Initiation lecture
2.12.1968 Los Angeles Lecture, in the garage
20.12.1968 Los Angeles No retreat! No chanting in seclusion!
27.3.1969 Hawaii Position of husband and wife
24.5.1969 New Vrndavana Even very simple devotee can preach
4.6.1969 Hong Kong Meaning of marriage
10.6.1969 New Vrndavana We are not musicians, we are chanters
10.6.1969 New Vrndavana Mahatmas don’t take part in political meetings
11.6.1969 New Vrndavana ”poetic” means for a devotee on basis of sastra only
12.7.1969 Los Angeles Consciousness of trees confirmed
9.1.1970 Los Angeles On Vedanta Sutra and its vaisnava commentary
18.5.1970 Los Angeles The mission is in your hands
1.7.1970 Los Angeles About Baladeva Vidyabhusana
2.8.1970 Los Angeles 6 points how to remain to be enthusiastic
28.5.1971 Los Angeles We don’t worship Radha Krsna, but Laksmi-Narayana
21.5.1972 Los Angeles Sudra leaders advocate homo sex
24.5.1972 Los Angeles The meaning of worship of demigods
27.5.1972 Los Angeles Machine replaces the man, how one gets cheated by the modern economy
30.5.1972 Los Angeles Qualities of a devotee
1.6.1972 Los Angeles One must get ones (12 years old) daughter married
12.6.1972 Los Angeles Reading Srila Prabhupada’s books = becoming immortal
13.6.1972 Los Angeles Education… for dogs
19.6.1972 Los Angeles Don’t turn a temple into something else, don’t install Deities if you cannot worship
16.9.1972 Los Angeles Family members being separated due to work
16.9.1972 Los Angeles No telephone for Srila Prabhupada
22.9.1972 Los Angeles The purpose of grhasta ashrama, women cannot elevate themselves without the help of a man
26.9.1972 Los Angeles Srila Prabhupada comparing brain man-women
4.11.1972 Vrndavana One must be madhyama adhikari in order to preach
7.11.1972 Vrndavana First clean the heart by chanting, and then come rules and regulations
11.11.1972 Vrndavana The benefits of Vrndavana
8.12.1972 Ahmadabad No freedom for women 
26.12.1972 Mumbai How to cheat for Krsna
28.12.1972 Mumbai Meaning of sadhana, push the car and activate the driver
4.1.1973 Mumbai How dhira and adhira are both dear to a devotee
10.4.1973 New York The absolute need for varnasrama organization
12.4.1973 New York My envious godbrothers
14.4.1973 Los Angeles Krsna is the taste of wine
17.4.1973 Los Angeles Grief is natural, but tolerate
17.4.1973 Los Angeles Don’t sell paraphernalia in name of sankirtan
17.4.1973 Los Angeles Don’t fear danger!
19.4.1973 Los Angeles How Srila Prabhupada became poor. Krsna take away all material assets when devotee is qualified
22.4.1973 Los Angeles Chant, chant, chant… cant, cant, cant
26.4.1973 Los Angeles Everything is becoming lighter in presence of the spirit
29.4.1973 Los Angeles We have to take care of our devotees
30.4.1973 Los Angeles Consciousness means Krsna Consciousness
3.5.1973 Los Angeles Killing of a demon = preaching
6.5.1973 Los Angeles Foolish mayavadi prayers
8.5.1973 Los Angeles India gained independence by violence!
13.5.1973 Los Angeles Bible is not authorized, Christians are not authorized
13.5.1973 Los Angeles I can direct you through your heart
13.5.1973 Los Angeles No independence for women
13.5.1973 Los Angeles One cannot teach old people
13.5.1973 Los Angeles 12 years old girl must be married
13.5.1973 Los Angeles Marriage rules in Vedic society
16.5.1973 Los Angeles Responsible king is protecting
17.5.1973 Los Angeles In Kali-Yuga, money man is first class man
16.6.1973 Mayapur When you must kill
18.6.1973 Mayapur One is a brahmana by qualification only
21.6.1973 Mayapur Who is expert kaviraja, Ayurveda
26.6.1973 Mayapur Don’t associate with karmis, jnanis yogis! No yoga in Krsna Consciousness as bhakti yoga
27.6.1973 Mayapur Our worship = worship in separation, otherwise sahajiya
29.6.1973 Mayapur Life comes from life
7.7.1973 London Women can never have a responsible position
9.7.1973 London Soul is in all objects, moving or not moving
10.7.1973 London Conversation… Srila Prabhupada relates how he counseled George Harrison
6.8.1973 London Stopping fighting? Impossible. Fight for Krsna!
9.8.1973 Paris And ideal public address
11.8.1973 Paris Why we are dependent and independent simultaneously
12.8.1973 Paris Everybody is insane to some degree
13.8.1973 Paris Discussion with a perfectly confused mayavadi
15.8.1973 London Men-women exchange love in name of sense-gratification
21.8.1973 London Janmastami lecture, specially for Indians
22.8.1973 London Definition of a guru and a disciple
22.8.1973 London Vyasa puja lecture
22.8.1973 London Why Srila Prabhupada got His disciples married
22.8.1973 London Srila Prabhupada’s incredible grattitude to His disciples
22.8.1973 London Who is a guru
29.8.1973 London Karma vada, “just do your duty” explained
30.8.1973 London Everybody thinks the whole world is like him.
31.8.1973 London Ideal introduction to Krsna Consciousness
31.8.1973 London Right hand superior to left hand
31.8.1973 London Kirtan means only Krsna kirtan
1.9.1973 London Today everything is conducted by sudras
2.9.1973 London Without varnasrama not possible to understand Krsna
2.9.1973 London Conversation… position of Gandhi
6.9.1973 Stockholm The difference between materialist and spiritualist
26.9.1973 Mumbai If somebody tries to be something he is not, he is an imposter.
16.11.1973 Mumbai Symptoms of Kali Yuga
25.11.1973 London Get all your necessities from the land
15.12.1973 Los Angeles No solitude, retreat, in chanting
15.12.1973 Los Angeles No voting of rascal leaders for devotees
12.9.1973 London Surrendering to Krsna, a positive alternative to gambling
13.12.1973 Los Angeles Bhaktisiddhanta Disappear Day... amazing!
2.1.1974 Los Angeles Voting karmi leaders makes you implicated, we don’t vote
5.1.1974 Los Angeles Even one word can safe them distribute books!
17.1.1974 Hawaii Jesus was horrified by animal slaughter and so he abandoned his religion
30.1.1974 Tokyo Kali yuga = disciple argues with his spiritual master
25.2.1974 Mumbai Religious sex life
9.3.1974 Mayapur I had to compromise for the sake of preaching
14.3.1974 Vrndavana Curriculum for varnasrama college
26.5.1974 Rome Unprotected by puffed up brahmanas, the Hindus became Muslims 
4.6.1974 Geneva GBC must be responsible, otherwise it will be punished
9.6.1974 Paris Better to remain grhasta, sannyas too risky
11.6.1974 Paris Open restaurants!
14.6.1974 Paris Srila Prabhupada lecturing initially from Bible.
14.6.1974 Paris No use for us to take part in political campaign
19.6.1974 Germany Western concept of purity of the soul, nakedness in the art
13.7.1974 Los Angeles Fighting for Ratha Yatra permission
29.9.1974 Mayapur “Guru maharaja left us this big burden, the temple”
21.10.1974 Mayapur Different ashramas for different varnas. What is vanaprastha.
17.1.1975 Mumbai Small fish always swims on the surface, the big ones are deep bellow
22.1.1975 Mumbai The effect of Hare Krsna Mantra
3.2.1975 Honolulu Living outside and inside of the temple
7.2.1975 Honolulu Balance in grhasta ashrama
8.2.1975 Hawaii How to understand ones enemies
5.3.1975 New York Rules for sannyas very difficult to follow in Kali Yuga
5.3.1975 New York What REAL sannyas means
5.3.1975 New York “why do you dress this way.”
13.3.1975 Teheran Ideal leadership, ideal society
21.5.1975 Melbourne Initiation is not a cheap thing
13.10.1975 Durban Srila Prabhupada on english-indian politics
4.2.1976 Mayapur Don’t think prematurely you are what you are not
9.2.1976 Mayapur Kanistha adhikari, hardly a devotee
10.2.1976 Mayapur Ganja for sadhus
19.2.1976 Mayapur Father, mother, it’s just a play in a world of designations
21.2.1976 Mayapur No need of temples, books come first
21.2.1976 Mayapur Bhaktisiddhanta maharaja Appereance Day. Lets please Him by distributing books!
22.2.1976 Mayapur Don’t try to see God, He will see you.
26.2.1976 Mayapur Don’t take sannyas and cheat.
27.2.1976 Mayapur About Aurobindo
17.3.1976 Mayapur Raising above the modes of nature
25.2.1976 Mayapur Real devotee and Kali-devotee
12.3.1976 Mayapur Srila Bhaktisiddhanta
12.3.1976 Mayapur Devotees in the temple should command by their purity such respect that people automatically give donations
18.3.1976 Mayapur Vedic cosmology
12.4.1976 Mayapur Real brahmacarya
14.4.1976 Mumbai Need of brahmacary education, hippies result of Second World War
17.4.1976 Mumbai To know something of everything, that’s practical Krsna Consciousness
22.4.1976 Melbourne Krsna Consciousness is not for everyone
23.4.1976 Melbourne Psychiatrist... who?
26.4.1976 Melbourne How to be always in anxiety for Krsna
3.5.1976 Honolulu Demons attacking means preaching is strong
3.5.1976 Honolulu Books must go out, public pleased or not
3.5.1976 Honolulu No unqualified initiates
4.5.1976 Honolulu Preaching in China
12.5.1976 Honolulu Don’t argue on the street, better sell a book
21.5.1976 Honolulu Real brahmana defined by action, not just by words
22.5.1976 Honolulu How to be a real disciple
25.5.1976 Honolulu Root cause of divorce
26.5.1976 Honolulu Standards and difficulties in grhasta ashrama
8.6.1976 Los Angeles How did I came to the West
9.6.1976 Los Angeles Spiritual strategies, from Buddha to Lord Caitanya
14.6.1976 Detroit Detroit conversation enemies in family life
14.6.1976 Detroit The magic of book distribution
20.6.1976 Toronto Special duties and privileges due to be born in India
23.6.1976 Vrndavana Krsna is pleased only through spiritual master
24.6.1976 New Vrindavana Practising is more important as preaching
28.6.1976 New Vrndavana All samskaras are included in the chanting
2.1.1977 Bhubaneswar Sons and disciples must be chastised