Srila Prabhupada on medical issues

Manidhara Das
13 Mar 2018

About Schizophrenia

"What is the explanation of split-personality, actually, there are not two personalities, there is only change of mind. Therefore, the mind has to be fixed up in Krishna, then there is no more extreme change on the mind from one personality to another. There is always only one personality, it is just that if the mind is very disturbed, it may change in extreme way; if such a person is devotee; the best remedy is to sit down very tightly and chant Hare Krishna very loudly and hear for long time until he feels himself one-minded and fixed on Krishna’s Lotus Feet.
Letter to Harsharani d.d., Mayapur, 28th of February, 1972

About psychiatrists

“Psychiatrists are humbug, all humbug. They cannot help. Best thing is to be engaged continually chanting and hearing Sankirtan, that will cure anyone of mental disease.”
Letter to Upendra das, February 1972

Is it possible to use medicine with animal products in it?

“Doctors give medicine and they speak surety, but there is no surety, and when there is no surety why should we break our four basic principles? I don’t think there is guarantee of surety by taking this medicine with animal products. But if there is surety, you can take. But it is very doubtful. When I shall come I shall see what is wrong.”
Letter to Govinda dasi, 12th of February 1972, Madras

About cure for asthma

“For asthma, no food should be taken at night, and in general avoid over-loading the stomach. Chanting Hare Krishna and drinking only Charinamrta water is the best remedy for any bodily disease. But if something else is required, chew a little thyme after meals. Potassium iodide is a temporary medicine for asthma.”
Letter to Upendra, 8th of December 1971, Delhi

About what kind of prasadam to take

“Regarding your letter asking my permission for taking prasadam comprising fruits, nuts, milk products and green leaf vegetables, if this prasadam is beneficial to your health for rendering service to Krishna with more energy, then you must take such prasadam instead of cooked food. If required you can take raw cereals soaked in water over night ,that is also good. The thing is you must accept such food as will keep you fit. Not more nor less is the injunction of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.”
Letter to Dwananda 23rd of March, 1969, Hawaii

How to take care of the body we are not

Regarding your question about maintaining your body nicely, I think that if you follow our regulation of diet, sufficient sleeping, and keep to the prescribed rules of cleanliness, two bath per day, then you will be able to keep yourself in proper health. Of course, disease will always be there at some time while there is this material body, but this we must tolerate and not be very agitated by. Actually, the Vaisnava who knows that he is not this body, he does not therefore neglect his body, but he takes very nice care so he may utilize his body in service of Krishna. Just like a man may know that he is not this car, so he does not therefore neglect his car, but he will take care of it so it will be able to render service to him. So we must take sufficient care to provide our bodies with its demands, but when disease or other necessary inconveniences arrive, we do not become disturbed because such troubles are simply temporary manifestations.
Letter to Balabhadra das, 12th of May 1969, Ohio. Columbus