Mixing with women after taking Sanyas is hypocrisy; stop it

Manidhara Das
30 Jan 2023

"And this kind of hypocrisy—they have taken sannyasa and mixing with woman. This is not to be allowed. If you want woman you get yourself married, live respectfully. We have no objection. But this hypocrisy should be stopped. There have been so many fallen down. First of all, there will be no sannyasi anymore. I have got very bad experience. And at least we are not going to create new sannyasis. And those who have fallen down, let them marry and live like respectable gentlemen. I have no objection. After all, young man, fallen down-that's all right. It is by nature's way. But marry that girl. That am insisting from the very beginning, that no friendly liaison. If you want, get one nice... They are all of them qualified. Get one wife and live like a gentleman. Similarly woman. Live with one husband fastidiously, with children. What is the wrong there? We have so many Grhastha devotees. You have got children. Pradyumna has got child. Gopala has... Live with husband, wife. There is no restriction for husbands and wives. But what is this nonsense that you take sannyasa and make relation with...? This should be completely stopped."
―Srila AC Bhakti Vedanta Swami Maharaja (January 7, 1977, Bombay)

"Actually, I have not given any of you sannyas. But I am in a war with Maya, the material energy, and I need leaders. It is called in wartime 'battlefield commission'. There are no qualified leaders, but someone has to lead the charge. So you take every fifth man, 'You are now lieutenant of the squad.' He is really a private, but we make him
lieutenant for the day, and he leads the charge. It is to be understood that you are not sufficiently equipped for this fight and most of you will go down."
―Srila Prabhupada Conversation, July 1976: NEW YORK CITY