Walking with Srila Prabhupada III

Manidhara Das
20 Apr 2021


Today I heard Srila Prabhupada as He wonderfully describes in His Srimad Bhagavatam class in L.A. on 8.5.1973, how disastrous it can be if one is wrongly situated.

Srila Prabhupada compares the situation when one believes to be something one is not, and consequently is wrongly situated, to a scene where the card is connected before the horse and vice versa.
This analogy, if analysed more deeply, has profound meaning. The qualities acquired by one's work and one's nature are the driving force and motivation for the conditioned soul in this world. This is clearly described by Krsna Himself in the third chapter of His Bhagavad Gita. Besides the fact that we are all wrongly situated due to the mere fact that we are here, still while occupying these bodies, those who place their designation - the card, before one's inherent qualities, embodied by the horse, find themselves in a bizarre situation.
The card cannot drag the horse, it is the horse who is meant to pull the card. This topsy-turvy situation is the reason for the chaos surrounding us all while we are enchanted by various designations, and most of us came to believe that the desired identity is automatically defining our real self. Hence we are confused, both in material and in a spiritual sense. One simple analogy from Srila Prabhupada clarifies it all.

When lecturing in New Vrndavana on 22.6.1969, Srila Prabhupada points out that even dogs living under the protection of the devotees are very special. Obviously, the farm community had a dog as dogs can be useful for chasing rabbits from the growing crops. As one of my godbrothers commented, in association of devotees animals feel so safe, that they even neglect their nature-given survival instincts.
I myself had experience of animals being so affectionate to me that karmis wondered what kind of art I mastered, so these foreign animals  can be so tame. But it is not a secret that animal bodies are occupied by the soul as well as we are, there is only a difference in consciousness.

Once Srila Prabhupada heard one grhasta saying that „one can learn so much from children“. He answered, „What do you want to learn from children? But if you want to learn, you can learn from animals.“ Indeed, animals can often read the subtle bodies far more than we can, as they know no pretense and are honest in regards to their conditioning.
They are also part of Krsna as we are, and herewith considered as citizens of the state in the Vedic Society.
They are not revolting against the laws of nature. We do.


On 3.10.1972 in His Srimad Bhagavatam class in L.A, Srila Prabhupada reveled to fullest extend how governments are cheating the innocent public by introducing false money, which is nothing else than printed paper. The moment the currency lost its gold value, a huge gambling arena was opened with entirely disastrous results as we are just about to witness.
The present so called virus pandemic was simply created as a cover up for the world wide economical restart, meaning more enslavement of the citizens for the acquirement of worthless paper money.
Real value, like land, grain and other basic necessities of life, will be simply reduced to paper while, as it is already the case now, the public will work harder for less result.


It was only one month  earlier, on 16.9.1972, also in L.A., Srila Prabhupada described how in name of advancement people have to travel huge distances just to reach the place of work by usage of vehicles, petrol, roads, resulting in dense traffic, etc. How much easier was the life of a man who in the morning opened his door and walked out into his field to harvest his crops.Yet we tend to believe the myth of the previous so called primitive days filled with hard labor, while we are today residing in ghastly town areas filled with crime and darkness, where people live in miniature boxes called flats just to work, eat, sleep and have a sex. This maya, or illusion at its best, considering themselves freer and advanced, the humanity is degrading into enslaved donkeys who are transported to the place of their designated work, just to survive.

With the advancement of this age of Kali, Srila Prabhupada is shining forth as being more and more relevant describing the present enslavement of humankind while simultaneously bringing out the ultimate alternative, the development of consciousness about our eternal connection to God, and practical ways how to live in this world while preparing us for our return back home back to Godhead.