Srila Prabhupada and Politics

Manidhara Das
06 Mar 2021

Cautioning us not to take part in political maneuvers conducted constantly by the demoniac class of society, not to vote in name of „democracy“ for any party (after all they seek all the same - more degraded ways of sense gratification), Srila Prabhupada was not averse to comment privately on the present political situation.

His absolute awareness of spiritual reality and its reflection, this material world, often surprised even His personal servants when He spontaneously commented on the up to date situation in the world we are living in.

He Himself said that we have no interest in politics, which center around the domination of this world. We know the Supreme Dominator and our aim is to focus more and more on Him. As Srila Prabhupada humorously commented: „We don't worship the small Nixon. We worship the biggest Nixon, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna.“ 

But Krsna Himself takes part in politics as mediator and initiator of the final destruction of the demoniac class of society for the sake of establishing religious principles and pleasure of His devotees. He is the ultimate and the only liberal person by allowing the demons to go their way...and get destroyed; and encouraging devotees to go their way ...and come to Him.

To exemplify this, here is a report from His servant Shyamasundara Prabhu from the days where  Srila Prabhupada witnessed the short but very violent war between India and Pakistan.

In 1971 Srila Prabhupada commented while being in India:

„These big nations, they don't leave the control. They sell things, and they catch some leaders who take a loan from them, then they take it: 80 percent for themselves and 20 percent for you… In India also, that is being done. America is loaning, and those who are in charge of the government, they are purchasing weapons from them.
These Britishers and Americans, they are constantly engaging Pakistan in fighting spirit and supplying them ammunition. Their business is going, taking loan from them and paying to them, and they remain debtors perpetually.“

Even today there is no war in Pakistan, the scenario described here by Srila Prabhupada is repeating itself perpertually. Individually, nationally and globally the small man on the street along his government are put into indefinite debts to finance the means of control by drowning the population either in sense gratification, or if that's not possible, treating the citizens by means of brutal oppression.

What does it matter that the abused women or man is struggling on the street. The police has brand new equipment and the army is supplied by newly developed weapons eagerly provided by our scientific community. To control the masses by dint of fear is the ever repeating scenario, and who couldn´t be more fearful than a man who is lifelong in debt and threatened by an invisible virus?

There is no need to engage in often bizarre conspiracy theories, the policies of those who seek global control are simple and plain. Print false money and by dint of false currency extort the already corrupt government, who in return seeks nothing else as their means to profit from an already entirely corrupted system they pursue to keep in place. As we see today, in name of pandemic emergencies any preservation of basic human rights can be violated, laws can be changed and the leaders, claiming ruthlessly their authority, will in fear spread more fear to their subordinates.

As illustrated above, one shark eats the other.

To divide and rule, to turn one into a debtor and anonymous part of a „bigger scheme“, these policies teach in academies where the elite of the future leadership is trained. But behind every big leader there is a bigger one, and finally as demonstrated in the past Krsna will put an end to the schemes of those who try to challenge His Supremacy.

Those who follow in the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada are well aware of the basic demoniac mentality dominating the minds of the leaders of today. But they don't allow the pre programmed media to dominate their minds, and engage themselves rather in chanting of the Holy Name. And above all, they seek ways to spread the mission entrusted to us by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

To liberate at least few out the labyrinth of lies spread throughout the society of cheaters and cheated is the greatest welfare activity.