Letters to Srila Prabhupada Feb 2, 2021

Manidhara Das
09 Feb 2021



Dear Srila Prabhupada!


Please accept my dandavats unto Your lotus feet, which are the only shelter for those who are seeking relief in the scorching heat and deadly cold of this material world.



It seems that demons are tightening their grip, increasingly obstructing the path of those who seek a way out of this material maze. Equipped with unprecedented technologies, able to monitor and control masses of humans as never before, they feel confident they can control nations by means of digitally powered survailance and make them weak by constant indoctrination of false propaganda and stamina-weakening life style.


First, injecting the ignorant masses of conditioned fools with ever increasing desires for sense gratification, and then denying them the enjoyment they seek. They are like drug dealers who make their customers addicted to raise the stakes later on higher only.

Firstly, creating an unlivable situation, and then presenting themselves as the ultimate shelter. These cynical rascals, for whom humans are just numbers in their demoniac statistics, calculate how to become the ultimate masters and controlers of this world.


Printing false money, they try to convice people that without these papers life is not possible. In name of progress people are more and more enslaved, working like asses in vain hope to achieve hapiness. All this was predicted and forseen by Your Divine Grace, and now we can see the gigantic trickery demons play upon misguided population of the Earth in action.

By introducing a deadly virus that nobody has seen, an „enemy“, which can mutate into ever modified forms and attack anywhere without any recognizable symptoms, demons follow the ever repeating agenda of any totalitarian government:

create fear

isolate people

control communication

restrict movement of any human

eliminate the small enterprise

centralize any economic activity under the control of a few corporations

finally, eliminate any opposition; first by ostracization of unruly individuals, and then cutting them off from any resources which may ensure their survival.


Like chess players, demons gather on their gigantic chessboard only to play once again the „how to become God„ game.

I feel their icy cold grip and I also feel more encouraged to leave this unpalatable place in the hope to never return.


This is only possible by Your mercy, Srila Prabhupada, as due to my most fallen nature I have no hope of obtaining the mercy of the Lord. But when you kindly plea for me at His Lotus Feet and I fall at Your lotus feet, then there is a hope for me.


Never satisfied, the demons will pursue their ghastly plans. But as you predicted in 1971 in Moscow, there is no way to keep all the people under control by force forever. One can lie to many for short time and to few for long time. But one cannot lie to everybody for all the time. There will always be voices to defend the Truth, and although most of the population has the nature of heard of sheep, yet those with some intelligence will listen.

After all, a higher intelligence is a factor that provides control over others. Even though devotees don´t desire any sort of dominance in this world, time may come when Krsna Himself may offer them such position as He did to Arjuna, so the innocent ones may be saved.


Otherwise, there is no true shelter and happiness in this world; the only shelter is there where Your lotus feet rest. As You said to one disciple expressing similar sentiments “It may be hard to take shelter at my lotus feet, they are constantly moving.“ :-)

And so, Srila Prabhupada, let me move, let me move, following Your steps wherever they may lead me.


Your grateful servant Manidhara das