Beware of Fertile Brains

Manidhara Das
18 May 2023

There are those who emerged out of the wasteland of conditioned souls tossed by their karmic destiny here and there, finally finding shelter in the oasis of Krsna consciousness Srila Prabhupada created for us.
We all came this way, but some, after being refreshed by the breeze of Lord Caitanya's mercy, left again, pulled away by their material desires. Others stayed only to realise that the powerful purificatory process they were exposed to would force them to face their own conditioning, reveal their anarthas, and test the level of their sincerity.

Alas, even after years of chanting the Holy Name and seeing Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON grow into an established institution, those of kanistha adhikari nature made the institutional career their priority and not the final return home to Godhead. Creating a parallel society, such "ISKCON owners" are more and more ignored at best and obstructed at worst by the madhyama class of devotees who were and are enthusiastic to preach Srila Prabhupada's words and bring as many as possible to his lotus feet.
Such "fertile brains", as Srila Prabhupada used to call such diviators, changed the original pure and ecstatic Krsna consciousness into its academic shadow-like version, only to implement more and more atheistic and impersonal doctrines that the academic community so abundantly supplies. Such mayavada-polluted devotees or plain demons who joined Srila Prabhupadas movement to destroy it are occasionally coming into leading positions, collecting followers, and striving for the less intelligent ones support.

One should be careful and beware of association with such demons, as they have learned well to "speak the language of their customers" and know how to present themselves like devotees, even though their hearts are entirely materialisticaly motivated. Snakes with jewels on their heads are far more dangerous than snakes we recognise at first sight.
Such demons were already there when the Supreme Lord was present on this planet, assuming the forms of cowherdboys or trying to steal gopis from His rasa dance. Envy, especially when hidden by corrupt intelligence, is poisonous. It is only welcomed that such demons, in the time this article is written, have come more and more into the open, finally openly attacking the Founder Acharya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, describing him as being conditioned by the "cultural background" he came from and by the time he was living in. Now we can see more clearly who they are. By committing this capital guru aparadha, such demons surely signed their death verdict and secured their voyage to hell.
Our concern should be directed to the innocent and confused ones who may be confronted with the doctrines such demons preach.
How can we protect ourselves and others from being poisoned by demonic associations? As these demons learned so expertly to profess themselves as vaisnavas, how can we detect their demoniac motivations?

It is simple. Whatever we hear, whatever we see, and whatever gets presented in the name of Krsna consciousness, we can verify by raising a single question:
Would such an action, statement, or claim find recognition in Srila Prabhupadas presence?

Srila Prabhupada is the most documented acharya in the history of Vaishnavism known to us. His lectures, his film recordings, his correspondence, and above all,
His books are setting standards and establishing the final definition of spirituality for thousands of years to come. Those who do care can easily find the needed approval or disapproval from His Divine Grace whenever needed.
Any attempt to make Srila Prabhupadas statements relative is of a demonic nature. Without violating the principles, he adjusted enough so we can practise Krsna consciousness in an undisturbed fashion.
There is no need for any adjustments or changes in terms of his instructions. For a bona fide disciple and follower of an acharya, the question is never IF it has to be done, but HOW it should be done. There is room for discussion along these lines, but there is no room for discussion in regards to changes or modifications in terms of "new" Krsna consciousness. Already, the ways the deviators announce the arrival of their ideas by implementing new titles, designations, and slogans should make one suspicious. Often, we see an old, ill-motivated deviation arise under a new designation, only to create more confusion and more polarisation. Srila Prabhupada used the example of a skyscraper he constructed, a structure he told us to "fill in" and decorate. He never encouraged the construction of new structures in the name of preaching, nor did he encourage us to repeat and copy blindly what is done elsewhere.
He gave us EVERYTHING.
Let's keep it this way.