Question: Can a devotee be cursed?

Manidhara Das
11 Sep 2022

Certainly, after all, we find in the scriptures examples of Ambarish Maharaj being cursed by Durvasa Muni or Maharaja Pariksit being cursed by a young brahmana,an incident which led finally to the recitation of the glorious Srimad Bhagavatam.

Anybody practicing Krsna Consciousness, or so to speak, spreading it,will be eventually cursed by the materialistic or demoniac class of men. Fortunately, there are no such powerful mystics in Kali Yuga who have the power to cast such powerful curses based on their tapasya, many years of severe austerities. Still, a devotee can feel the presence of a curse, which, of course, will not deter him from his devotional practice.
Finally, confident that Krsna and his spiritual master will protect him, and following the example of Prahlad Maharaj, he will continue to serve the Lord in any way possible. 
A devotee will also avoid association with those who are enraged, refusing to be assisted while under a curse. While serving under Harikesha Das for many years  we saw how, in his final phase ,certainly being cursed from many directions,even those who were close to him suffered some by-effects from the very same curses. 
All in all,we are living more and more in a ghostly hounted society where the residents are controlled by entities of the most sinister kind. Polute and destroy give pleasure to those who are hounted in this manner, and the only remedy for those who wish to keep their sanity is to seek refuge in the pure representatives of the ultimate pure One, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna. He is giving us the ultimate definition of sanity and logic through His reveiled scriptures, and those who listen faithfully and follow will be saved from today's tsunami of insanity. 
To save time,disconnect oneself from sources of false information, specifically the main stream media of today, avoiding the association of those who are deluded that way and embrase the association of those who are sincere seekers of truth. Such is the lifestyle of those who are surviving in the society of the cursed and cursed ones.