Is Krsna Consciousness Based On Blind Faith?

Manidhara Das
05 Mar 2021


In the view of the recent events, where we can witness how the human kind is exposed to constant flow of false news and manipulative propaganda aimed to keep everybody in fear and away from the main agenda of a mysterious „reset“, meaning absolute centralization of control and power over others, we are manipulated into a blind believe that millions are dying in some sort of pandemic caused by a (certainly man-made) virus. And what virus it is! We cannot see it, everybody can have it without knowing it, and it is everywhere.

Normally, one judge a disease by its symptoms. But here the diseased one doesn´t have to have any, and can be designated as a danger for everybody else, and herewith isolated and possibly eliminated any time.

The presence of this great virus can be only proven by dint of tests and instruments developed by imperfect human senses producing analysis by dint of ever changing human mind and corrupted intelligence. Yet we are expected to believe that the informations given to us by various official institutions based on such imperfect sense perception are perfect. We are expected to listen faithfully to men in white coats called „scientists“, and we accept their statements, so eagerly transmitted by bought up media without any doubt.

Actually, it is so easy to cheat people. One needs only a white coat and has to use vocabulary nobody understands. The power of words can never be underestimated as was understood by great mind operators like Mr. Goebbels and others.

And so even hardly anybody knows what the word „pandemic“ or „antigen“ means, these words are eagerly copied and used. They are sufficient to provoke respect and even fear in the hearts of those who were told, that the man or women in white cannot be wrong. Nothing is more absurd than the „scientific theories“ being served to us today, as the word „scientific“ is supposed to carry the meaning „proven“ and „theory“ means yet unproven.

Will anyone believe me when I say to him that „this is the ultimate „proven-unproven“? Hardly. But when I say that it is „scientificaly proven“ and the man speaking is „expert“, then absolute majority of the humans will accept such statement unconditionally. After all, it was written in the newspaper, I read it on the internet and my grandmother saw it on TV.

Some may have their doubts, but they will be silent. As long their basic demands for sense gratification are satisfied, they will betray their conscience willingly.

The proof of our blind believes? People will be massively injected by entirely unknown chemicals for even more unknown results. If I would approach somebody on the street with a syringe in my hand, telling him „please offer your arm, I will inject these chemicals into you, it is for your safety“, the man will run in horror and call police. But when the man in white does so in government approved places, people even beg for such treatment.

Risking their lives they surrender to the „scientists“, men and women decorated with high sounding titles, coming from the same community which invented in the service of the army most destructive tools for the purpose of eliminating others, such as the atom bomb.

That our local doctor wasn't involved? Surely there are those within the medical community who studied hard in order to help others.They made their vows to help those in need to improve and secure their precious bodies. Why then there is no revolt within the scientific community, where those with the intention to improve the health state of human kind take distance from those „collegues“, who work day and night to develop „weapons of mass destruction“ such as the great virus is?

In the name of „protection and safety“ even more sinister scenarios are coming into being now. There is no need to kill everybody in some nuclear blast, there is no need to develop and activate complicated war scenarios by designating somebody as an enemy.There is no need to provoke a conflict. The enemy is already here, so we heard, invisible and all-pervading, giving the leaders of various countries the power to put aside all the democratic principles they so proudly advocated, and restrict and suppress the common man on the street any time they like.

Who can blame them for having started this global war? Nobody is at fault, the great virus is the main culprit and we are all his victims, so we hear. Now any law can be broken and any law can be changed. As the Czech prime minister stated lately, „now I cannot be removed! After all, I am the ONLY crisis manager and I am here to save all the people!“

So said Mr. Hitler in his last days while sitting in his bomb shelter in Berlin.

How genius this plan of global virus fascism may be! There is no need to blame a particular enemy for having him to fight back.This war will go on in history of mankind as the war, which was conducted in the name of the invisible virus by a media machinery such tyrants as Hitler, Stalin and other never could have dreamt about.

Nevertheless, following the same agenda, to divide and rule, the masterminds of this world wide attack march on in a coordinated effort to eliminate any individuality and dignity of humankind. It's the first time in history of men we see such a united effort being conducted on such a grand scale, with numbers of infected (infected means scientifically spoken not yet diseased!) soaring into the skies and people facing restrictions of movements never seen before. All democratic ideals thrown overboard, any government claiming autocracy in the name of the war against the invisible virus can lock down and restrict people, according to its will, inject them with unknown poison and pay them off with false paper money printed in the main control center where the main paper money printing machine can be found.

As Srila Prabhupada commented fifty years ago, as soon the gold backed up currency is replaced by printed paper only, hell breaks loose and those who own the copyright for the papers being printed become the dominant dictators of the world.

The paper money printing machine owners believe to be able to control the world, entirely ignoring that the graveyards are filled with remnants of those who tried the same. Demon after demon they emerge on the scene, only to be dismissed by the will of the Supreme, one after another. Blocking the way of the ignorant masses towards some deeper understanding of life and the final spiritual realization of oneself, the real meaning of human life, the printing machine owners cover the view of the conditioned souls, filling the humans with fear.

Never before in the history of the Earth so many were fooled in such united effort by dint of such technology. True, global disasters are recorded in the scriptures, but they came about in a more personal fashion and not in such an anonymous way, where the organizers of this global control maneuvers hide behind a virus, which mutates along their will, is spreading according to their will, and cannot be seen by the public at all.

The real issue, the search after our real identity beyond this bodily cage, appeared always abstract to the common man. What to speak of today where everybody's mind is absorbed in deep meditation about the great virus who can destroy us all. What does it matter that even the officially published documentation is often contradicted itself, the measures so far taken proved themselves entirely worthless (certainly not for those companies who produced vaccines, respirators and other virus related paraphernalia!), what does it matter that the statements of the politicians are of absurd nature.

The virus tyranny goes on, the „reset“ of the overheated economy is going on and the paper printing machine owners make their calculations. This time not only buying large business corporations, but whole governments along their countries instead.

What was not achieved yet in WW1 was achieved in WW2. And now, in the virus WW3 the demoniac ones hope to achieve the rest.The legacy to keep this fight for domination of the world is reaching over generations, their plans are long term, as they know „becoming God“ is not so easy. How many leave their bodies on the way doesn't matter, we are here dealing with a small group of monstrous individuals for whom we are just mere numbers in their statistics and calculations.

But there is Supreme Control, and although God's mills are grinding slowly, they grind precisely. Those keen to understand the nature of God may become even more serious in their quest as for them the presence of all devouring death is even more evident.

The sarcastic comments of the ignorant ones, that we the followers of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu are simply following blindly, worshiping idols and repeating brainlessly what was said previously by others, can be answered by much greater sarcasm from our side, when we see such fools blindly repeating the statements of the big „scientist“, the men in white coats approaching them with needle in the hand in order to „make their lives safe“ from the approaching death.

How easily and massively such fools accept the given information from entirely unverified sources!

Empirical science is supposed to be based on 1/ experiment, 2/ observation, and finally 3/ conclusion. Here, in this great virus war nothing was experimented in regards to the measures to be taken to stop it, nothing was observed but everything is already concluded and served to the public as given fact.

Surely, there are those who ask questions, but their voices are few and very weak. Stupidity is always comprising the majority, democratically spoken, as can be seen throughout the history of mankind.


As one well known writer, Mr. Capek, once said: „The most ferocious and dangerous element of nature is the human mob.“ Lynching the old heroes and celebrating new revolutionaries arriving on the scene was always a popular treat of the masses. Propagating equality... after killing the minority :-(  Governments in the name of saving the human kind are in the name of the invisible virus closing down boarders, locking us up and indoctrinating us with a bombardment of false information.

Will this ever stop?


Since this material world exists, the struggle between demoniac and righteous ones was going on, and it will go on as long we stay here. It was Srila Prabhupada who therefore called for urgent preparation to leave this place while simultaneously teaching us how to  live in the most dignified way possible along the principles given by the Lord, while we are here.

Even living in India surrounded by pious Indians, Srila Prabhupada saw pandemics of far worse effect than we see today. He saw bombs falling down on Calcutta, He saw riots with heaps of dead bodies lying around. He saw things most of us didn't see today.
But He was free to travel, and that we are not, what is not good for our preaching. Even in the worst days of cold war, people were not so massively restricted in their movements as they are right now.

True, we don't see (yet) people being lined up and executed. But what is happening is much worse. We see people being lined up and turned into passive brainless servants of an apparatus, which carries no sign of individual human signature, a society where individual enterprise and initiative is compromised or entirely eliminated. So much for the freedom being promised to us by them. Such is the nature of the „great reset“, such is the future its masterminds designed for us.

Little they know that the individual will of the human being can never be entirely suppressed and little they know about the final supreme control of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Srila Prabhupada, preaching in the early days of the digital revolution, was never impressed by the new gizmos so eagerly sold to us.

He used the best of it for Krsna conscious purposes, but never allowed to be dominated by it. Finally, it is going to be the one who owns the land and who produces food and the basic bodily necessities, who will prevail, and not the one who just designed the new app for our computers.

When the cities darken by absence of electricity and the cars stop by absence of petrol, then it will be visible what is important for our lives in terms of basic bodily needs. As proven in the history of this universe, Krsna can facilitate the real reset. The reset of our consciousness, which is the ultimate defining factor for our actions.

Those who surrender to Him, the ultimate virus eliminator, and those who surrender to His pure devotee will see their lives improving. Those who try to become gods on their own in this temporarily manifested world will only sink to the darkest regions of the very same creation they are so fascinated with. The law of karma is uncompromising, but it doesn´t have to be feared by those who live under the protection of the chief legislative and chief executive, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.