Could you comment on the new official GBC resolution permiting first time in history of any vaisnava sampradaya females to award diksa initiations?

Manidhara Das
07 Sep 2022

As much I usually don't comment in public on any ISKCON issues of today, but try to the best of my abilities in this web side to present Srila Prabhupadas policies and instructions instead, the audacity and arrogance with which female diksa was officially installed as general and public policy in ISKCON calls for open resistance.

Being not an academically educated pundit, I leave it to my far more advanced godbrothers and their disciples to defeat this entirely feministicaly inspired decision.
Surely, the already us westerners doubting representatives of other Vaisnava sampradayas in India must see their doubts confirmed when such mlechas, saved by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, reveal their ignorance about the standards been maintained for centuries in such Vaisnava branches. Surely this further degradation of Srila Prabhupadas heritage will bring new ISKCON- defecting members of the various Gaudia Math branches where such deviation is inconceivable.
What is most upsetting to me, an unworthy disciple of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the audacity and arrogance of all who worked persistently on the realization of this official GBC resolution.

Why didn't Srila Prabhupada who praised so many times the service of his female disciples NOT EVEN ONCE?
Installed any females in managerial positions as temple presidents or GBCs? Why none of their names appeared on his list of the STARTING diksa succession of new diksa gurus in ISKCON?

Did His Divine Grace forget something? Obviously our ISKCON innovators think so.
Smarter as the Founder Acharya they claim their arrogant assumptions being products of "new times" which call for new measures.
It is exactly in this way sampradyas fall apart to such degree that Krsna Himself has to appear to re-establish them again.

Some may argue, and the GBC resolution indicates that, that the female diksa in ISKCON will be of minor importance and even the individual temple presidents may be free to judge if they permit such gurudevis to preach in their zones or places or not.
Certainly, birds of the same feather flock together and so the new gurudevis may attract those bona fide vaisnavas avoid.
But this is a matter of principle and not a matter of individual decision.
Here the Founder Acharya is declared to be a fool. A fool to be corrected. This capital offence will bring misfortune upon anybody who takes part in it either actively or passively.
And so I dare to give here publicly in writing that I protest when my spiritual master is offended in this way.
As Srila Prabhupada exposed the feministic plot to be the work of the men, those female bodied devotees who fall prey for such a USA-bred propaganda simply prove Srila Prabhupadas point that women are indeed less intelligent.
Leaving their honorable service as advising mature mathajis these foolish victims of male propaganda climb the vyasasanas to initiate those who are as less-intelligent as they are.
This text  is written by somebody who could write a considerably thick book about the amazing service he saw mathajis perform in the last fifty years when managing them as sankirtan leader and temple president. To see them, to disgrace themselves to be part of a Kali Yuga inspired feminist plot is a sad sight indeed.

When my spiritual master becomes offended in this way by some "smartheads", (Srila Prabhupada used to call such speculators "men with a fertile brain"), I have no other choice as to raise my voice and avoid any place where such offence is facilitated.

    Manidhara das. ACBSP