Ksatriya-brahmana... and the rest

Manidhara Das
28 Jan 2019

Popularly quoted statement that “we are transcendental to the rules of Varnasrama Society” was, and again is proven to be compromised by our evident present conditioning. Here are some thoughts regarding the re-occurring agitation in times of confrontation of the brahmana-ksatriya mentality versus sudra-vaisya-women mentality.

The conflict between these varnas makes impossible any sort of final assessment of particular problem and leads to much frustration to everybody involved.

For some this may be surprising to hear: in principle, brahmana and ksatriya are the same.

“Same” means same in absolute adherence to Vedic principles governing social, moral and above all spiritual life. Different in ways they practice these principles.

Both are lovers of Truth, even due to social position ksatriya has to turn ocasionally to diplomacy and politics. Ideal example is maharaja Yudhistira who was acting as a ksatriya, but still always spoke the truth exclusively.

For Truth, both ksatriya and brahmana are ready to lay down their lives.

Both protect the rest of the members of Vedic Society. One by physical strength and administration, the other by teaching.

Although one lives in REGULATED luxury and the other abstains instinctively from being burdened by material assets, including name, fame and glory, finally they both speak and act according to PRINCIPLES, whereby the rest of the society tends to be motivated by EMOTIONS.

This brings much frustration to the brahmana-ksatriya class, as in times they address principles, rest of humanity interprets the issue in emotional way. And so the discussion addressing principles will be brought down to the level of “personal conflict” where even those who should know better, those who studied sastra in academic way, interpret statements of brahmana-ksatriya class in psycho-analytical and emotional way. In times when sastra should be quoted, “mediators” appear on the scene and quote knowingly or unknowingly… Sigmund Freud.

Vaisya and sudra will consider THE FEELING as their priority, brahmana and ksatriya see only THE ISSUE at hand.

In up-to-date context, one can clearly observe that ISKCON is governed by vaisya and sudra type of mentality. When a brahmana points out a sastric discrepancy, he will be interpreted as “being socially abusive”. Abstaining from joining the mainstream, often comprising fools and rascals, a brahmana will be blamed to be escapist and anarchist. When a ksatriya points out the way one could practice the principles laid down by the real brahmana class of men, and tries to administer accordingly, in a democratic setting he will be simply voted out by emotionally conditioned “devotees”. The majority, who forgot that devotion has to be practiced in regards to sastra-guru and sadhu first, and not according to social needs.

No wonder ksatriyas and brahmanas abandoned ISKCON´s leading ranks, turning to exile and underground activity. Being ostracized by the sudra and vaisya type of leaders, one may consequently try to manage his little private courtyard, his little “village”. The other may end up writing books, which will end up standing on some shelf, dusty and forgotten.

I was present when Srila Prabhupada stated that without cooperation between brahmanas and ksatriyas this movement can never spread out. As we can see, as soon money is present and the opportunity to make more money arises, vaisyas will join, often perverting the mission of Srila Prabhupada to a money-making factory. Sudras come on their own, provided entertainment in form of cheap initiation without any demand, and good prasadam. :-)

But a movement without brahminical leadership and ksatriya type of executive is a movement appearing in form of an entertainment park populated by temporary visitors who came “just to have some fun”.

When “the fun” is over, they will leave again.

Such movement, based on emotional satisfaction only, naturally disappears again, as the senses can never be satisfied and the emotional wellbeing is changing all the time, finally bringing to its proponent only frustration.

Therefore, in absence of brahminical uncompromising leadership and uncompromising ksatriya executive force derived from the order of the real brahmana class, only havoc and frustration follows.

The inherent material quality of the living being cannot be suppressed, and if not regulated and positively engaged, it backfires on the conditioned soul badly.

If brahmanas are not facilitated to teach along guru and sastra, they tend to become speculators, jnanis of various sort, simply accumulating knowledge, which is not relevant to the present need. When ksatriya mentality is not regulated and facilitated in form of spiritually oriented management, such persons, acting outside of brahminical surveillance, tend to become ruthless autocrats, exercising what they see to be proper in aggressive, abusive way.

And so one can only pray for times to arrive, where the already present basic Varnasrama Dharma mentalities as described by the Supreme Lord get a chance to be facilitated, herewith creating a base for the real need of the human society: the cultivation of spiritual life. As one of my godbrothers, himself being finally brought down to the level of his varna, once exclaimed, “they always tell me we are transcendental to Varnasrama Dharma, but we didn´t even started to become qualified for it!”

He was right.