Manidhara Das
03 Feb 2024

This text is written by somebody who, in 1972, joined a movement where the struggle between feminist-minded and chauvinistic-minded "devotees" didn't exist. We all learned that we are not this body, and we also learned what kind of body we are not.
The social contact and the rules of conduct between male and female-bodied souls were clearly defined by Srila Prabhupada, and we didn't waste time struggling for dominance over bodies of any kind but were instead absorbed in service to the mission of Srila Prabhupada. Women can do what men cannot do, and men can do what women cannot do was a simple formula, and the final meeting point between these two camps was the preaching field. There, we found ourselves to be one and different simultaneously. Srila Prabhupada showed us how to do it. As much as he praised in the highest terms the preaching achievements of his female-bodied servants, he NEVER ONCE established them in leading managerial positions about what to say, installing them as future initiating diksa gurus.
He clearly defined the need for women to be protected as much as he stressed the need for men to be responsible protectors, advocating mutual chastity and the final chastity of his mission based on the instructions of Guru Parampara. Nothing more needs to be said, but much has and still has to be done to bring about this platform of transcendental unity.
From the transcendental platform, it is embarrassing to be defined as a man or woman. We are not this body, but that doesn't exclude being aware of the basic mechanisms operating the interactions between these two camps of bodies. In a bodily sense, women can turn into glowing hot frying pans, and lusty men can turn into melting butter that dissolves in this heat. The result is chaos on both sides—the material and spiritual ones.
Any serious follower of Srila Prabhupada will become aware of that and will not allow himself or herself to be dragged into either of these body-motivated camps.
Always aware that the final solution to eliminating this dilema is to be found in devotional service clearly defined by Srila Prabhupada, such devoted servants will tolerate the presence of their bodies and use the vehicles given to them in the best possible manner.
The writer of this text saw women saving the lives of confused, lusty men by dint of their chastity, and he saw men saving the lives of emotionally confused women by dint of the firm spiritual guidance they received from their non-chauvinistic and non-feministic guides.

To follow in a chaste manner Srila Prabhupadas example puts the ultimate end to this embarassing struggle between male and female body-ism and allows us to be filled with transcendental pride to be eternal servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Just yesterday I drove with a wonderful devotee, a wonderful brahmacary, a wonderful preacher, a wonderful book distributor, and a completely selfless manager of both... women and men.
Finaly earning the title of a chauvinst by some envious individuals due to simply protecting the principles Srila Prabhupada gave in a movement where some leaders and gurus can be found publicly being glorified by lesbian or homosexual followers, advocating this perverted sex as the foundation of "new vaisnava communities," and where Srila Prabhupada is openly attacked and draged down into the chauvinistic or feministic camps, this so-called chauvinist brahmacary pointed to me in the regular Sunday Feast we just visited a special guest, a man who earned his fame as a women hunter, women beater, and women abuser.
He described to me the criminal record of this "devotee" and was at any time ready to warn any woman to become the next victim of such abuse. Are these concerns of a chauvinst brahmacary? Hardly.

Such is the mood of a true follower of Srila Prabhupada, who abstained from association with fools discussing who owns a better body.
Rather, stressing the need for protection we should offer to each other in both a bodily and spiritual sense is in order.

Being sankirtan leader for fifteen years and manager of both female and male-bodied servants of Srila Prabhupada for another 28 years, I naturally declared my independence from both body-oriented camps by over and over pointing to Srila Prabhupadas ultimate example of how to rightly operate our bodies in devotional service.
Just because there are so many stupid men in this world doesn't make women more intelligent. :-)...is my message to all the agitated feminists, and just because women may be provoked by their appearance of lust, men "shouldn't use them as sex machines," said Srila Prabhupada.

Stupidity is the transgender uniting symptom of the conditioned soul.
That stupidity can be easily removed by following the golden middle way of transcendence, where male and female-bodied servants of the Lord find themselves in an ecstatic mood while being fully absorbed in devotional service. A chaste dignified woman fully aborbed in devotional service automatically commands respect from the screaming feminist women torn by their unfulfilled material longings so badly.
And a man seeing his lust being eliminated in the fire of the very same devotional service, ecstatically rejoicing while being covered by Srila Prabhupadas mercy, comands automatically respect any chauvinist demands by abusing the females.

Raising above the dualities of this material world makes us flying swans who avoid the swamps chauvinists and feminists invite us to drown in.
Let us embrace this opportunity. Srila Prabhupada gave us the ability to not be these bodies by "parking" them according to their nature and using them properly by driving these vehicles in the same direction back home back to Godhead. Lets abandon the association of agiated feminists and chauvinists while they are getting ready to switch their bodies in the next life, women becoming men and men becoming women again, all dying only to be reborn again and again. Srila Prabhupada gave us a superior, ultimate alternative on how to be liberated from feminism and chauvinism. Let us use it.