The System

Manidhara Das
06 Oct 2023

"The system", a magic word for any demoniac totalitarian regime, is operated by system creators and system guardians. It is the system that gives such demoniac rulers the feeling of having absolute control, and it is the system that gives the majority of their subordinates the feeling of safety and protection. Even those who know the system to be corrupt are convinced that there is no way to change it, and they seek retreat in passive mode, trying to ",give to the emperor the absolute minimum" and then go underground in the mode of plain survival. They are of no concern for the main stream rullers, as they do not openly oppose the system and do not call for any revolution.
Despite claiming the system is based on "democratic" and humanistic principles, any material-based system is of absolute individuality, suppressing fashistic nature. Sometimes openly, sometimes, as today, in hidden autocratic forms, such as rulers, they seek the final reduction of any individual into a controllable form. In their view, humans are just numbers to be added and, in times of need, subtracted.
Control is the key word for any totality regime, and today the demons feel most confident to be able to use their digital machinery to control the masses of humans, shift them from one country to another, from one continent to another, mix them together to their liking, and subdue them all in the name of high-sense gratification and stupidifying work in order to finance it.

Surely, analytical studies of this sort by various anarchists and love and peace dreamers were already written many times with seemingly little result. As the main love and final unity of mankind preachers got mostly shott or removed by time, hippies became junkies or yuppies, finaly working hard to maintain their families, one may ask: What has all this to do with the Krsna Consciousness Movement?

More than we can imagine.
While the original spirit set by the Founder Acharya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, was one of personal purity based on the absence of addictive satisfaction of one's senses and unmotivated devotional service to the Supreme Lord, Finally, aiming for the return to His eternal abode, some entered his movement or were gradually tempted to change their motivation to a firm belief in a "system".
Knowingly or unknowingly, they more and more copied the system of absolute control so cherished by the demons, completely ignoring that most followers of Srila Prabhupada approach this movement voluntarily and with a desire to be engaged in some sort of devotional service. Such "leaders" learned the art of removing those who might have pointed out their material idea of control by manipulating their disciples and political manoeuvring amongst other leaders.
Never minding abusing the faith of the ignorant and innocent, never minding the exodus of those with frustrated faith they caused, such leaders copied in the name of "final managerial authority", the system most devotees of the Lord hoped to escape from.
Such retreating sincere followers of Srila Prabhupada remembered well how he started from scratch a world-wide movement by never forgetting each single individual who demonstrated some inclination to perform even the smallest devotional service. It was the personal, truly spiritually loving bond that His Divine Grace created by serving those who served him in return.
Here, under Srila Prabhupadas guidance, the surended souls discovered another "system", the system of mutual service, a system where the best servant COMMANDS authority through his pure surrender to the mission of the Lord and does not DEMANDS authority through the possession of an institutional designation or amount of money and followers he does operate with.
To be a materialist in the garb of a transcendentalist provokes even worse karmic reactions than to be a plain atheistic system follower or creator.
Here, using Krsna's system, a system created by the Supreme, a materially motivated person tries to prevail in his egoistic interest.
The reward for such mentality is visible to those who want to see it. Even the supreme servant of the Supreme Lord, Srila Prabhupada, the servant of us all, cried occasionally, feeling unable to repay the service done for him. Such a powerful bond of mutual indebtness between the master and the servant is only attracting more selfless souls, contradicting the spirit of the "system controlers," which blocks all the venues for attracting new souls to Krsnas lotosfeet.

Indeed, Krsna has a perfect system for everybody, a system that includes individuality and congregational spirit as well. When everybody becomes His servant, realising that He resides in the hearts of everybody, then automatically a system of mutual respect and service attitude arises.
It can only be hoped that the self-instaled title carriers and control system holders will soon leave their bodies. Leaving room for a new generation of true servants of the Srila Prabhupadas mission to arise, those who understood themselves to be the servant of the servant of Srila Prabhupada's mission (disappointing those who seek other benefits in the name of Krsna Consciousness). May these new pioneers of the Srila Prabhupadas mission do better than the old ones have done.