Chant even you can't!

Manidhara Das
12 Jun 2021

Those who don't chant the Holy Name live in a very small world.

As maya, illusion, makes small big and big small, those bereft of the Holy Name are lost in details while not understanding the goal and the way leading to it.

As a man driving a car fearfully observes the sides of the road, steering his vehicle in fear what may suddenly happen on the road. In his paranoia crashes into the car driving his way from the opposite direction.

Such no chanting man will be always caught in maya's network, shocked by the momentarily arising situations, while being ignorant about the direction leading to the ultimate goal.

Like a fly caught in a spider's net, such fearful fool will struggle to find material solutions to material challenges, only to get wrapped more tightly in the sticky net. As he fails to understand the real source of his misery, he is caught by the reactions of his deeds while not understanding the right course of action.
The knot of material desires tormenting his heart cannot be "untied" due to its size. It has to be simply cut through by the mighty sword with power only bhakti can provide.

Chanting of the Holy Name, which is non- different from Krsna Himself, can change all that gradually. Even chanting filled with offences is like light perceived before sunrise. Such chanter is already then able to see the silhouettes of reality, and when chanting sincerely he will gradually be lifted out of the darkness, as chanting is a self-purifying.

What is the result of chanting?
More chanting, Srila Prabhupada said.

Before even love of Godhead manifests in the heart of such sincere chanter, absence of fear can be experienced, as where Krsna's presence is experienced no fear can arise.
Sastra also advises to stay away from those who are spinning in the whirlpool of their karmic reactions as one may be drawn into such circles and affected as well. However negligent a devotee may appear in regards to the body-oriented altruistic deeds of others, he knows that unless a person tightly embraces the feet of Krsna's pure devotee and starts to chant with open heart, he will never be freed from the samsara wheel he is tight to.

And so, in whatever state, one should chant sincerely. When I first time heard Srila Prabhupada said that "even a lunatic can become a saint when he chants the Holy Name", I wondered how that may be possible.
After all, being in ISKCON for almost 50 years, I saw so many lunatics coming and going. Indeed, the effects of LSD and other intoxicants many devotees of my generations were consuming in huge quantities, have life long damaging effects on the subtle body, which seem incurable.
But indeed, even such damaged sincere chanter of the Holy Name can become sane by Srila Prabhupada's mercy, which LIFTS HIM UP above his permanent state of madness.

In other words, such blessed soul realizes that he is not the maddened body and learns to tolerate it and in whatever possible way engage it in Krsna Consciousness. An expert driver learns to drive even a damaged car and steers it in the right direction.
There is no material impediment for such a sincere chanter, as Krsna Himself takes over his actions and allows him to do the impossible. In such a state of "transcended lunacy" a devotee can only laugh about his deranged body and still try to engage it in Krsna's service. There is no material impediment in the service to Krsna, it can be practiced under any condition.

Demons, like ghosts, can only create fear, and once fearful, the victimized souls starts to act in a demonic way.
As soon the Holy Name arises, fear flees far away and the chanter becomes firmly situated in the fearlessness.