Manidhara Das
09 Oct 2019


This text is written by somebody who was member of „European Union“ even before it officially existed. By somebody who was living in an international multicultured society even before the muticultured ideals, born in the sixties, became established in society.


All this happened when I joined 1972 the International Society of Krsna Consciousness, started by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, following the timeless ideals of Vedic society, which united people on spiritual principles and categorized them along the level of their individual consciousness and conditioning.


These categories don't come about by bodily distinction, but by degree the indvidual members of society identify themselves with their bodies. After all, we are not this body but eternal soul,, nevertheless still living in this material body. In this material world, which was created to faciliate our material needs, and simultaneously it is  offering us a possibility to detach ourselves from this unnatural enviroment, and return back home back to God.


And so I found myself participating in project, which accomodated sometimes up to eighteen nations of volunteers, idealistic devotees of the Lord, working together under strong spiritual leadership. The results created by such united attempt to satisfy the Supreme Lord were from today's point of view amazing, and sofar not repeated on such a scale.


We had and we tried to realize that we are not this body. After all, whoever identifies himself with his body must be a rasist, as he will automatically classify others only along their bodily designations. Even the best of humanists and altruists will discriminate between those who agree with their ideals, and those who don't. As once on the street, meeting an angry so-called Christian, I did remind him that there is no need to hate me so much, after all the teachings of Jesus Christ are based on love. He screamed in return: “Yes, we want love, but it will be the Christian love!“


And so Muslims have their „Muslim love“, Hindus have „Hindu love“ and Christians their „Christian love:...and they will fight with each other.


Krsna Consciousness has nothing to do with these believes. It is addressing the original pure nature of the soul, which is above such religious designations. God is one and those, who are serving Him on basis of His teachings, are also one in purpose…acting on a spiritual platform.


On plain material platform there will never be oneness as falsely advocated by fools who believe that the bodies are one and the same. The bodies were awarded to us along our different material desires, and as long these desires are the priority for the demoniac society we are living in, ultimately only chaos and violence will prevail.


As declared scientifically in Bhagavad Gita, the senses can never be satisfied, and the attempt to do so only leads to heighten agitation, loss of intelligence, and finally to brutal fury and brutal violence. The history of mankind provides plenty of examples illustrating this fact.


When these material desires take congregational form, nations are created, organized naturally along their „national karma“. To various degree, depending on the conditioning of their members, we find  three modes of nature in every nation: goodness, passion and ignorance.


When unlawfully mixed, mostly for economical purposes, camouflaged falsely by humanistic ideals, hell brakes loose as this organized immigration process only disturbes the karma assigned to the individual being living in a particular area. Srila Prabhupada was very clear about it, repeatedly stressing that the unification is only possible on spiritual platform, and not on the material platform.


We can physically move people, but to move their habituation and their consciousness is far more demanding and intricate task than simply to shift them in gummi boats across the ocean. The demonic leaders of today are very confident that they can register and control everybody by their sophisticated means of central control, by turning us all into digitally controlled gizmos. As they are already killing the embryos in the womb of their mothers while impregnating others along their needs.


By advocating global indulgement in unrestricted sense gratification, they believe to be ultimately able to stupidify and control the foolish masses. Degrading even those who are of higher origin, by mixing them with those of lower origin, they act upon the principle „better to have a foolish follower than an intelligent potential enemy“. Indeed to introduce people to passive consumption works far faster than to introduce them to higher knowledge about one's true nature.


Manpower they seek, not the heightened state of intelligence. Slogan of the humanists from the sixties, that „manpower we invited, but people came“, is long time forgotten. Now there are even leaders who boldly declare that „they will run the country like their company“. Real estate brokers and other types of money greedy individuals become leaders of the world, and the common man on the street simply consumes what they so mercifully offer to him.


Serving their economical schemes for mediocre reward, every day masses of human bodies are stuffed into transportation vehicles and moved to their working places. After a life of such stupidifying work such pseudo-humans are awarded a mediocre pension, and moved into even more stupidifying state of consciousness, seeing the bodies they worked for so long to become places of heighten misery.


Divisions between races of men cannot be defied, they are very obvious. In form of eating, sleeping, sex life and defence we find wast variety of individual types of behaviour, leading us to a pain observation that „what is food for one is poison for another“.


Such are the differences between those suffering their „multi-cultural karma“ in this material world. To declare artificially all these individual sufferers to be part of some idealized and only mentally conceived pool of bodies, which then mix unrestrictedly in form of sex life, is a disastrous biological experiment, to be compared with the manipulation of the basic genetic codes naturally installed within the nature.

Genetically produced food and genetically produced progeny seem to be the same for demoniac class of men.


Once again, the most ferocious and demonic class of people try to play God. Envying the Supreme Creator for His Supremacy, such ruthless men try to pathetically imitate Him, while trying to create and destroy in their own ways. As He created a system which faciliates a harmonious functioning of the human society along the different divisons of men, these demons try to re-program what was already naturally given by their technocratic means. There is a class of those who, hidden to the rest of society, organize such devastation of even the most basic values of human society. By doubting even the sexual orientation of each indvidual being, they advocate lunacy and chaos. Not only they are firmly convinced we are this body, but they plan to change even the nature of the body. Society conducted under leadership of such demons can be safely considered to be mad and „completely out of control“. It is a society naturally heading for its own destruction.


There is spiritual unity and material diversity, which the Vedic society faciliates, offering everybody without any discrimination the possibility to raise his consciousness by dint of a powerful spiritual process. Such process doesn't depend on material enviroment, and therefore there is no need to change one's place, but to change one's consciousness.


And so Srila Prabhupada never hesitated to point out the need of such spiritual process, while simultaneouslz he never hesitated to speak about "different classes of men". Of course, He was heavily attacked, mainly in France and Sweden, some of the original places of the dogmas advocated by humanistic altruists, socialists and other classes of people, who believe that one day we will be all one and the same.


Srila Prabhupada counteracted such attacks in His typical genius way. When challenged that „you are speaking about four classes of men, to which one do you think you belong?“

Srila Prabhupada simply answered: “I am a member of the fifth class, I am serving the other four.“

The opponents had nothing more to say. Such is the power of humility.


Wasn't Gandhi advocating such ideals of unity? Wasn't Martin Luther King dreaming his dream? Wasn't Kennedy speaking about "being all servants of the nation"? They were all killed and removed from those nations they served so dearly.


Were the hippies not advocating „love and peace“, meaning sharing the same girlfriends and the same drugs? They either died on some overdose, or became intoxicated lunatics...or tuned again into the very same system they so boldly criticized, joining the hunt after economical development..


Any attempt of this sort without the implementation of an authorized spiritual process is doomed to fail. We will never become one on bodily platform, after all. And so the migration of nation's lunacy as we see it today, leads only to degradation and destruction of the society, as this is a plain abuse of the original design of the Supreme Lord.


Shall we help those in need, those oppressed by brutal autocratic governments? Of course we should!

But our help must be authorized by the Supreme Lord, finally helping us, His deranged parts, to achieve harmony with Him again.

If the karma of individual soul is not changed, nothing will change.

If his consciousness is not changed, he will remain the same obstinate fool who tries by dint of his own stupidity to dictate the direction of „progress“...even to those who are equiped with higher intelligence. As the more intelligent ones retreat in shame, the fools and rascals become more prominent. Such is the state of society of today. The more ruthless a politician becomes, the more likely will be elected, as „democracy is the last trap of tyrany“ (said Bernard Shaw).


The more one surrenders to the Supreme Lord, the more one's freedom is enhanced. As Krsna advocates in Bhagavad Gita those who follow the 'principles of freedom', in other words learn how to control their senses by acquiring a higher taste and regulate their material desires by proper means, the more such disciplined humans will experience freedom no political system can offer, the freedom to be truly in harmony with the Lord.

Such happiness is entirely unknown to demoniac class of men, and so they try to achieve it in exactly opposite way - by agitating the senses even more, consequently plunging the human society entirely into a state of madness and lunacy.


Krsna cannot be disturbed, but by disturbing His laws, we will be disturbed while watching the annihilation of our bodies, the vehicles we served and worked for so dearly throughout our whole life.


In past nations were shifted too, and the result was always disastrous, leading to annihilation of the invadors and their victims as well.

The principles of „high thinking and simple living“ Vedic culture offers are the way true human life is conducted, fulfilling its purpose by preparing oneself for not being reborn in this temporary world, which is dominated by dualites.


This is the basic message Srila Prabhupada and the whole disciplic succession He represents left to us.