Manidhara Das
28 May 2019

Just imagine:

You are hungry. You seek a restaurant to appease your hunger and finding some place of your choice, you sit down happily at the table, hoping to relish some good meal.
You look at the menu and choose the right preparation along some nice desert.
After short while the palatably looking dish arrives and you grab your spoon in excitement. But... as soon you try to take your first bite, suddenly a man emerges from the kitchen and with a seriously apologizing tone, he claims: “Oh sir, we are so sorry. The meal is not really ready yet, some spices is missing. But don’t worry, we will bring it right away back..." and he disappears with your plate in the backyard.

Well, it is not pleasant and you are hungry, but why not, after all the cooks want to do their best. In few minutes, the waiter is back with your plate and you hope to finally start your meal.
But as soon you try to eat, the man is back. “Oh, we are so sorry, some salt is still missing and we hope we can be at your service to our best capacity. We really want to give you the best of the best."

The plate is gone again and you start to wonder what kind of restaurant this may be.
Suddenly other men appear on the scene, surrounding your table, obviously from some advertisement company, carrying all kind of signs and putting them on your table. They offer to you all kinds of pamphlets, which are advertising pills for better digestion, new cookbooks being available on the market, and believe it or not, the newest offer for your car standing in front of the door. (How did they know about that?)

The plate with your meal is not coming and the advertising campaign seems to delay only the moment you can finally eat. Then advertisement team disappears and the waiter is back.
The preparation changed, even some ingredients seem to be the same. But the taste isn’t.

You call the waiter and point out the fact that what you got is not what you have ordered.
The man seems to be surprised, stating that “sir, this is only for you convenience, we 'upgraded' what you ordered, so you may enjoy your meal even more".  As you mention that “this doesn’t taste the same anymore”, the man simply wonders as if he cannot understand, and offers to you another preparation instead. Meanwhile another advertisement crew enters in, this time more aggressive, dancing around your table, offering new plastic swimming pool at reduced rate.
Finally some group of prostitutes enters, offering their services to you as well.

As you mention you came to eat and not to buy a swimming pool or have sex, they all quickly disappear, leaving behind still some brochure on your table, just in case you change your mind. Hungry and thirsty, you look at the door, hoping to find another place to eat.
However, as soon you rise from the chair, a big man appears at the exit door, blocking your way, offering you “new shelter and protection at our wonderful restaurant”.
Even the man looks dangerous and aggressive, you manage to sneak around him quickly and run out. Finally on the street, you turn back and notice the sign over the entrance: “Free Internet available”.

An imaginary story? NO! Not at all! It's internet time! You always get what you don’t need and always get answers to questions you never asked. A perfect brainwashing machine, occupying your mind, giving you what you didn’t order and making you to waste the valuable time of your life, as the clock is ticking and nothing is as sure as the death of your body.

Now, of course, somebody may argue: “Wait a minute! This text is delivered also via internet! What are you talking about, you hypocrite!”

Sure, I am sitting here, sending this text via internet, following the man who once collected roses. Do you know the story of the man who collected roses? Here it comes as delivered by my wonderful teacher, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada:

Once, when picking roses, the man doing so got hurt. Ouch! One of the thorns got tucked in his finger. What did he do? He broke another thorn from the rose and used it to pull out the first thorn.

And so one can use internet. (Srila Prabhupada didn’t forget to mention it  in regards to ANY digital technology coming up in the time He was amongst us in the sixties and seventies.)
But to offer such a media indiscriminately to fools (the democratically voting majority :-), is criminal. Originally designed only to deliver basic information (“I am coming at 2 a.m., can you pick me up?” or “The meeting starts at three o clock”), and exchange of studying materials amongst some very innovatively thinking students, once grabbed by “business”, it became a huge commercially driven gossip market without any rules of etiquette, or moral conduct.
A good tool for (democratically voted :-) totalitarian governments who love to take over people’s minds, make them to forget the important and to remember the unimportant.

On internet you can do vocabulary anything what you cannot do in real world. At least not so easily. Popular games shaping grown up men into under developed primitives, offer a world of bizarre violence, abuse and rape, inspiring to practice the same one day “in reality”. Insult, slander and gossip are the rule; uplifting educational issues being discussed as the exception.

Ruthless, immoral, degrading and mostly insulting is this media as we are forced to eat a meal we didn’t order, cooked by crocked cooks who know well how to control our minds, and pervert our desires to what they want us to desire, and ultimately buy.

Even innocent children can invent something very dangerous and set a whole forest ablaze when playing with matches. Such “toys” are soon owned by monstrous type of individuals who enjoy only one thing: power. Science, with no other function as to serve to the same goal, is advocating the absurd type of degradation as “progress”.

Playing God, envying Him all the way, such demonic personalities enjoying their anonymity, march on. For them everything is artificial without any cause or purpose, even the “artificial intelligence” they hope to develop one day by studying humans. They believe to be able to shift nations around, mix them to their liking, all done in name of humanitarian help and “immigration”. They love to turn us all into entirely controlled robots, shifting boundaries of individual countries, dividing them amongst themselves as if the humans living in these countries were simply plain numbers, lifeless creatures with chips under their skin, only to be reprogramed. Such demoniac persons are truly convinced that “God is dead” and we are simply accidental products of nature, which is to be controlled by them.
But one witty man, when seeing a notice hanging on the wall stating: “God is dead, said Nietzsche”, added another piece of paper where it was written: “Nietzsche is dead, said God”.

"Time I am and I came to kill them all” says Krsna in the Bhagavad Gita, and indeed time will remove those, who tried to gain the ultimate control including their intricate technology. After all, it is obviously not perfect, in need of constant “protection” and “upgrading” and we, the fools in the so-called restaurant, remain hungry and dissatisfied. The day when this huge illusory circus will collapse is surely arriving. Even I myself may not see it in my lifetime, the day when the entirely addicted and victimized “iPhone zombies” will desperately stare into their blacked out screens is coming.



What will we do then? My God, we will have to look at each other! We will have to speak to each other in person! We will have to accept each other as person! For some this may be a horrifying vision. For them how nice is the anonymity digital times offer! Soon we will become all just digits in somebody else’s machine, without any need to worry or to decide. We will be indefinitely “protected” and “upgraded”. For those who fear the truth as it brings responsibility, is very comforting to be told what to think and what to want. Freedom is for them a horrifying scenario, and therefore they always seek shelter in the “system” without asking about its creator and its origin.

Those who read the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, who was as He said always a ”freedom lover”, they know better. Oh yes, these books can be found on internet, or even better, they can be acquired in printed form, available via a product which doesn’t need any “upgrading”, doesn’t need any electricity, doesn’t need any complicated manuals, doesn’t have to be recharged, has no batteries and even your grandfather can operate it instantly.
It is called... THE BOOK.

And so, as temporary item it may be, if used for disseminating the eternal, internet has some use.
But one day, sooner then we think, it will be over. That’ for sure.




Those regularly visiting this web page might have noticed: there is no chance ANYBODY can simply comment at his will on whatever he may read.

There is a precise reason for this as the de-personalized vast internet jungle is filled with predators of all kinds, which often turn out to be simply weaklings, who would never dare to state face to face what they so boldly write for everybody to read. 

"Constructive criticism" expressed in form of a more personal e-mail is most welcome, a photo of the writer may tell thousand words. After all the Vedic culture as shown to us by Srila Prabhupada was of such personal nature, that even a single cloud in the sky passing by was perceived as an embodied person, even its appearance was rather brief.

Therefore, person-to-person is the final platform where discussions were taking place in Vedic times. Even amongst soldiers it was customary to face the opponent face to face and fight one on one.
EVERYTHING is finally personal as Krsna clearly points out in the Bhagavad Gita by stating, that the soul is eternal, personal and never to be divided or merged into some anonymous "system".

Even the greatest mayavadi impersonalists are gathering in order to exchange very personally, and in most contradicting manner to their feelings of being one and the same :-)
Even the staunchest Buddhist may chant the glories of the very personal Lord Buddha who cheated His followers wholesale by telling them not to accept Vedas in personal way, but to accept Him. And so the Supreme Personality of Godhead has His tricks to change even the greatest impersonalist into a personalist, without him even noticing.